Is Ultra Eliminex Effective For Passing a Urine Test in 2018?

Does Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink Work To Pass a Drug Test?


How to Pass a Urine Test on Short Notice

iPassNow: Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink Review

Date: 8/2/2018


iPassNow is known for delivering trustworthy info to those looking to pass a a drug test. We are also known for letting you know of the bull shit on the market and how to avoid it, so that you don’t waste your money, better yet your reputation.

We have searched ratings from verified users of Ultra Eliminex and the ratings are pretty even on Ultra Eliminex being an effective detox drink to pass a drug test. It’s average rating is only 3 Stars.

Does Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink Work? That is the question

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While it is true that most detox drinks on the market have very mixed reviews, we have noticed that Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink has far more negative reviews than positive. This is typically caused by the company not keeping up with always changing drug testing methods. We have noticed a few companies fall short when it comes to keeping up with the latest changes.


Pass a drug test with Testclear

I have a good friend that owns a head shop, he said it best.

Most places sell what cost the least for them to purchase while being able to charge the customer the most.

They do not care if you pass your drug test. They want your money and that is it. My friend sells one brand of detox drink now and that is it.

 —-I asked him why? 

His response. Because it works and people come in every single month and buy it time and time again.

Detoxify Detox Drink


Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink Conclusion

Is Ultra Eliminex a Detox Drink You Should Trust Your Reputation With?

According to us, No it isn’t.

There are other detox drinks on the market that have a much higher success rate than Ultra Eliminex.

While Herbal Clean is a very established company, they have not kept up with updating Ultra Eliminex. It once was a great product to use to pass a drug test, although, it was not even designed to be used for passing urine tests. It was made as a simple body detox and that’s just what it is. It once worked to mask toxins in your urine. Times have changed, and drug testing technology has advanced leaving Ultra Eliminex in the dust of the past.


So there you have it, we can not recommend Ultra Eliminex as an effective tool to Pass a Drug Test.



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