How to Pass a Drug Test, Got High Over The Holiday

How to Pass a Drug Test, Got High Over The Holiday

Learn How To Pass a Drug Test On Short Notice Now

So, you slipped up and used drugs over the holidays and now you are looking for ways to pass a drug test on short notice, just in case your employer, probation officer, or family member suspects you of using. While this is a terrible feeling, we feel your pain and you just so happen to be in luck! There are many ways to solve this high stress level problem.

While holidays are meant for cheer and happiness, it is also the leading time of year for the highest depression rates as well as suicides. Holidays also hold the record for highest drug use among those who don’t use regularly. This is due to many factors. Some use due to the depression caused from the holidays, some use because they are around a family member who uses and offers it up after eating Christmas dinner. Regardless of why you used, what you used, or who you used with, you’re now in a jam and are looking for information to cover your ass just in case you get drug tested in the upcoming weeks.

For someone who doesn’t frequently abuse “illegal substances” or “controlled substances” it isn’t very hard to clean your system of whatever toxin it is that you need to get rid of fast. There is however just one question you must ask yourself.

How fast do you need to clean your system to pass a drug test? 

We will break down our recommendations for solutions to aide you in passing your drug test by how fast each solution works. Keep in mind, not all solutions actually remove or cleanse your system of toxins tested for by typical drug tests. Some of these solutions simply mask the toxins for a period of time or completely replace your urine specimen all together. These solutions are typically used in instances when you need to pass a drug test fast or on short notice.

Ways to Pass a Drug Test in a Few Hours

If you slipped up and got high over the holidays and now you need to pass a drug test fast and found out on short notice you should probably use one of the following methods to do so.

1. Synthetic Urine To Pass a Drug Test in a Few Hours

A sure fire way to pass a drug test in just a few hours is using synthetic urine. This can be found at many of your local head shops, simply look up head shops nearby on google and give them a ring. Ask if they carry “fetish urine” or “Synthetic Urine”.

I highly suggest you DO NOT mention your reason for needing this as some laws may prohibit the store selling this product for this use. Just take our word for it, this will work for any lab drug test as well as any at home drug test.

The shop owner or worker knows why you need this, don’t be embarassed when you ask them. Remember, they carry these products in their store for a reason, you are not the only one who purchases remedies to pass a drug test. They will not call your employer and tell them you just came in and bought some fake piss. For those of you who can’t find it locally or you’re just too embarassed or nervous to go into a public store to buy it, you’re still in luck.

You can order synthetic urine online and have it shipped to you rather fast. If you are not currently an Amazon Prime member, I highly recommend you take advantage of their current offer and  Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial. This will allow you to Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size). This is a huge life saver when you need something fast! 

NOTE: Do not forget to order or purchase some Hot Hands. If your urine specimen is not 98 degreeze then they will not accept it. I suggest putting the urine in a non lubricated Condom and placing a hand warmer on it all the way to the point of giving the lab the urine specimen. Be creative on how to tote this. Share your methods below in the comment section to help other readers. 

Here is a list of our recommended choices for synthetic urine if you decide to order online.  

How to Pass a Drug Test in 24 Hours

If you have 24 to 48 hours before your drug test, we suggest you immediately halt all usage of any illegal or controlled substance. If you take this advice, you will have a high probability of passing a drug test using a Detox for Drug Test Drink.

What is a Detox For Drug Test Drink? 

Detox drinks have been designed to help users pass marijuana (THC), cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, barbiturates, and nicotine drug tests. Most detox drinks are based on a condensed antioxidant formula, which thoroughly terminates the unwanted drug traces.

~Addiction Resource~

Please Note: Detox for Drug Test Drinks DO NOT remove toxins from your system, they only mask them for a period of 4-8 hours. 

We feel too much misinformation is on the web about detox for drug test drinks and this is the reason for such mixed reviews on these products. Many manufacturers claim their products eliminate all toxins from your system and many other untrue claims.

Here is the cold hard truth about detox drinks. 

  1. Detox Drinks can and will successfully mask toxins in your system for a short period to allow you to successfully pass a drug test on rather short notice.
  2. Don’t expect a detox drink to remove toxins permanently from your body, it will not happen
  3. You should eliminate all use of illegal or controlled substances 24-48 hours prior to use
  4. You should drink the entire content of detox drink and then fill it with water two times
  5. Urinate two to four times after drinking detox drink and water prior to submitting to a urine test
  6. Your window for passing is generally thirty to fourty five minutes after you have drank the detox and water, urinated twice to six hours (eight is possible but we suggest drinking a second if you reach this end of the window)

We’ve had a very high success rate testing detox drinks while meeting the above mentioned criteria. Simply put, if you can’t meet all above criteria, we suggest not using a detox drink to pass your drug test. If you have read this guide and still choose this method and it is unsuccessful, then you have nobody to blame but yourself. We’ve tested each recommended product following the above mentioned “rules” and each of these products resulted in a 100% success rate during our tests. If you can not meet the above requirements we suggest you use synthetic urine to pass your drug test. 

Following is a list of our recommended Detox For Drug Test Drinks, each having resulted in a 100% Successful Passing Rate during our trial testing. We used each drink on three different people who used three different substances, all of which are the top three tested for substances.

Recommended Detox For Drug Test Drinks