Learn How to Pass a DrugTest in Just a Few Hours –

Learn How to Pass a DrugTest in Just a Few Hours –

Learn How to Pass a DrugTest in Just a Few Hours –

Pass a Drug Test In Just a Few Hours

Beginners Guide to Pass a Drug Test in Just a Few Hours, Using Tried and True Methods

In a Pinch? Need to Pass a Drug Test in Only a Few Hours? Don’t Worry, Just follow the step by step directions provided below and you will be right on your way ot passing your drug test in just  afew hours. 

Unfortunately, drug tests are typically a surprise as the person, family member, or agency typically only allows you just a few hours from the time the drug test is requested. This can shoot your stress levels through the roof, make you nervous. But, it definitely does NOT have to do this. We are about to present you with a very simple to follow step by step guide we’ve put together over the years to assist beginners who need to pass a drug test and only have just a few hours.

If this is you, then we urge you to pay attention and read and follow each and every step as it is given to you.


Simple, skipping one step could be the deciding factor if you pass or fail your drug test today. You definitely do not want to find out you failed your piss test to only go back and read the directions and realize you skipped one of the most important steps of the process.



Okay, so that’s the first rule, the golden rule. If you don’t follow any other direction today simply follow rule 1. 

Now the first step  you will take after this is to decide on a detox product or synthetic urine to pass your drug test. We have reviewed the top synthetic urine already and will be reviewing the top detox products in the weeks to come. For this tutorial we will just use one of the products that will be in an upcoming review. We will just tell you right from the beginning. This is a detox product that we have used time and time again with successful results each time. If you simply follow rule one you will pass your drug test using this detox for drug test drink as well.

Here are the steps on How to Pass a Drug Test in Just a Few Hours:

  1. Choose the Best Detox Drink For Passing a Drug Test On Short Notice 
  2. Drink the Entire Contents of the Detox for Drug Test Drink such as DETOXIFY DETOX DRINK
  3. Refill the bottle that the detox drink comes in with water and drink it entirely. Repeat this until you have successfully drank the entire detox product as well as two full jars the same size filled with water
  4. Piss a couple of times (2-5 times) on your way to take your official urinalysis (ensure your piss test is within eight hours of detoxing as detox drinks do not remove the toxins they simply mask them. 
  5. Once you arrive at the drug testing facility inform them of your arrival, have a seat and wait your tiurn. Once called upon to submit your urine sample, be sure to act normal and then go to the restroom. Allow the first bit of your stream to go into the toilet not into your specimen cup. Don’t ask why, just do this. Never let the first 1-2 seconds go into the test cup. This could contain some untreated urine that may blow your test results.


Just do it as the directions say. We’ve not failed yet when following these directions to a tee. I guarantee if you follow these directions you will be able to successfully walk away with pride even if it is my last breath. If you need to know where to purchase the best detox drinks for drug tests then just follow one of our links below to be directed to the best deals on the web for detox for drug test drinks. 



Learn How to Pass a DrugTest in Just a Few Hours –

Learn How to Pass a DrugTest in Just a Few Hours –

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Best Way To Pass a Drug Test in Just a Few Hours

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