Top 20 Best Weed Grinders You Must Have For 2018

Top 20 Best Weed Grinders You Must Have For 2018

Top Twenty Weed Grinders You Must Have 2018

I’m sure we’ve all used a weed grinder at least once since beginning to smoke weed. If not,  then that is okay too. With the large wave of medical as well as recreational cannabis legalities across the United States I am sure there will be new mmj patients who have not ever smoked weed yet alone used a grinder. 

"My Suggestion, Find a Cool Ass Weed Grinder and Invest a Few Bucks Into It! It Makes Getting High or Medicating So Easy"

So, What Makes a Grinder Earn the Title The Best Grinder?

We Will Be Comparing The Differences in Cannabis Grinders and Talking About What Makes a Grinder Not Only Cool But Quality!

First We Will Cover The Various Material You May See When Shopping Grinders For Sale

Grinder Material

  • Metal Grinders

When Shopping For a Grinder, You will definitely run across metal grinders as they are one of the most popular ones. These grinders are typically made from aluminum and have teeth that are made onto the body. Depending on the brand, the teeth on these will be different shapes. Metal Grinders are very durable which is one of the qualities a metal grinder has over other various types. The second positive advantage these grinders have is that they are one of the easiest to clean.

NOTE:        Just make certain you do not purchase a grinder cleaner that contains any chemicals known to dissolve metal as this       will lead to a bad day. 

“Trust Me, If You Are Using Your Grinder To Break Up Big Buds, It Will Be Tough To Clean At Times”​

The Only Problem With Metal Grinders is Usually The Fact The Price is Typically Higher than That of Acrylc Or Wood Grinders. 

Metal Grinder Summary:


  1. : Most Durable & Dependable
  2.   Easiest To Clean
  3. Found Anywhere Weed Grinders are Sold


  1. More Expensive
  2. Must Be Sure To Not Use Cleaners That Will Dissolve Metal

The problem is usually price. These grinders are often a good deal more expensive than wood and acrylic grinders, but it is an investment in quality as it will last longer than the other 2. In some cases, the grinder can be on par or higher in price than the electric grinders, but again, you’re investing in the security of knowing that as long as you have 2 hands and a heart-beat, you can grind up your herb without fear of a mechanical failure.

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You can get any of the five grinders above for between $30-$36 at Smoke Cartel.