Does CBD show up on Drug tests?

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Does CBD Oil Show Up as Thc on a Drug Test?

Learn the answers as we explain to you why some may and some CBD May not contain any detectable amounts of thc. 


As more and more people look into vaping CBD Hemp Oils, a big question that is always asked is whether or not it will cause a workplace positive drug test. This question is even more important for those who are entering the workforce or changing jobs. Most workplace drug tests usually occur prior to employment, so it is best to be clean.

To start, CBD or cannabidiol derives from the Hemp plant and is a non-psychoactive compound and will not cause you to get a high. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main psychoactive compound found in marijuana. It is mainly consumed by smoking the marijuana, but it is also available in oils, edibles, capsules and other forms.

CBD Does Contain Some THC

Lets be clear with one thing. CBD Hemp Oil does have THC in small trace amounts. However, the compound THC is in other foods and thus a drug test could not base a fail rating on having no THC at all. They would need to set a minimum for the test to fail. So, although there are trace amounts of THC in Hemp Oil, it shouldn’t register a failed test result if you vape it.

Is it Likely?

It is important to note however, that although highly unlikely that the drug test will come up positive for THC for vaping CBD oils, there is a chance that it will. In fact, there are some jobs like first responders that have even stricter guidelines regarding drugs in the system. For those people, you must take extra care when trying new products. And if you are at all worried about failing a drug test, you should just stay away from any and all substances. But if you must vape some CBD substances, you should make sure that you vape good quality brands that are lab tested and made in clean rooms. Usually, the higher quality CBD oils have very small amounts of THC.

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2 thoughts on “Does CBD show up on Drug tests?

  1. Some cbd will show up on a drug test. If it is full spectrum and doesn’t have thc removed beforehand that is. Just always know what you want and what your supplier has to offer you and you’re safe! Good post!

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